Nobody would love you because you're schizophrenic.
For the same reason that nobody loves you because you're not schizophrenic. The funny thing, however, is the perception on the disorder of the very person who has it. Maybe it would be much honest to say that you love it. You love your disorder as a part of yourself. So you want others like it too, which is naturally too much. And, on the other hand, just any obstacles, neverthless it is either your fault or nobody's, will just get you out. That's all about. Smaller chance, and smaller chance. One might understand how a person can be so mean like you, which never mean that the one's gonna understand you.

Maybe, like other genetic disorders or facial malformarity, there would be a little chance to get others' sympathy, the only energy you can possibly suck in for your own.
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Commented at 2008/11/12 01:39
비공개 덧글입니다.
Commented by Solleo at 2008/11/12 08:54
Commented by Jake at 2008/12/11 08:34
And then, you realize you don't need anybody's sympathy, after all.
Commented by Solleo at 2008/12/15 09:26
Only after he had actual one, i guess.
It is an enormous disappoint to know that even sympathy can't save anyone.
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